Rock It Fuel a long island based band that plays classic rock from the seventies to today, played with such passion that when they play, it is like musical combustion. 

Amazing vocals by Lyza ( like Pink, Aretha, Joplin,  Benetar ). Keyboard/vocals (Joe) plays "off the charts" keys and is a young piano man.   The bass player/band Jimmy Fal will be adding his amazing energy to Rock It Fuel, he drives each song with amazing bass lines (Drummer (Mike) has hand speed faster that the speed of sound, amazing drummer. The Guitarist (Johnny) plays all the guitar gods with accurate tone through tubes, fingers and heart. (influences Clapton, Allman's, Zep, Stevie ray, Santana.)    

Jimmy is lead male vocals (Paul Rogers, Gavin Degraw, Zep, Bon Jovi )   and piano, bass, guitar ...  

Together this band has had an amazing response where-ever it has played.   
"Great band",           "What a sound",  
"You guys look like you are having fun",        "The songs sounds like the record",  
"eat your broccoli" (that was from mom),
"You guys sound terrfic" 
Paul wrote: "Rock It Fuel's show at the Homestead last night was awesome. I had a blast. Jesse and the band were on fire, with some great rock 'n' roll, and a few neat surprises in their setlist. Still Got The Blues(soaring vocals by Jesse), To Moby Dick (impressive drum work by Mike), to a fantastic cover of Sweet Emotion! Very cool to hang with friends and fellow musicians.  Looking forward to more from this talented group of musicians!"        
Come see what all the fuss is about !!! 



Mike lays down the drum beat,  his hands are faster than the speed of sound, accomplished drummer, many years as  touring drummer, Mike puts on a show and plays with passion

Joe is an instigator and likes to point fingers.  Joe  "get your shine box" . Well Joey we heard you don't shine shoes any more.... (because everyone is wearing sneakers). A funny guy ...   ..

Joe is an amazing talent, a youngster who knows all classic rock piano tunes ... he plays, sings, writes songs .. now go get your shine box    


Johnny S plays guitar with authentic tone with tube amps, fingers and heart. Influences are Clapton, Hendrix, Page, Allman brothers and loves all  type of blues Blues/and Rock. Songs played like the record in notes and tone, and lots of  ad.lib jams. 

Jiimmy .. long time friend of Johnny .(Plant ...Page/ Roger .....Pete/ Martin...Lewis)   . what a voice!  Sings all types of songs ... plays piano .. guitar ... bass...and puts on a great show !!!!  Everyone is happy. .. 

Kenny is an amazing guitar player and tree climber. He always has a smile and needs to shave his ears, (the hair in his ears protects his ear drums).  He has a great sense of timing .............and smell.

Lyza is an amazing vocalist ,singing Pretenders, Benetar, Joplin and many others. Great vocal range

 Jimmy Fal will be rejoining the band adding his driving bass runs and smile ... His bass will be smokin and where there is smoking music there is Rock It Fuel. 

Retro Photo of a member of the band...... before selfies..... Does he still have that guitar :: Band Website Design Builder